Movie Review: The Conjuring 2

A version of my movie review has been published in the May-June issue of The Spectrum newspaper.

Director: James Wan

Rating: 4.5 stars

(I’m giving it 4.5 because I’m still thinking about Valak!!!!!)

Imagine scary nuns, creepy nursery rhymes (and church hymns!), objects moving on their own, things appearing in the mirror and spirits leaving marks on people–all crammed into a 2-hour film. Not to mention, a pair of dentures.


I’m not the biggest fan of horror films and if you know me, I am terrified of ghosts or anything that is under the category HORROR but I honestly wouldn’t mind watching more horror movies after this one. The Conjuring 2 was said to be one of James Wan’s “ultimate” films taking on a true story of the real life Enfield England’s popular poltergeist case.

The film opens with ththe-conjuring-2-poster-lge scene from the legendary Amityville case in the United States where the infamous ghostbusters Ed (Patrick Wilson) and Lorraine (Vera Farmiga) Warren also investigated. Lorraine was able to communicate with supernatural beings and was trying to confirm whether or not the case was purely demonic or not. Lorraine also sees a demonic nun who has recurring appearances throughout the film.

After the Amityville prologue, the film then jumps to Enfield, England where the Hodgson family are introduced. One of the children, Janet, played by Madison Wolfe, starts to suffer from sleepwalking, and after a while starts talking to someone who is later found out to be an old man called Bill Wilkins (Bob Adrian). When the Hodgson family truly believes that their house was possessed or disturbed, they started seeking for help. The media frenzy reached the U.S., making the Warrens fly out to England to confirm whether the case was a hoax or not.

Although Wan and his team creatively avoided the typical jump scares, making the audience shake every now and then. Cinematographer Don Burgess, executes the scenes of what could have been clichés in other horror films.


One of the things I truly liked about the movie, is how the characters, thankfully, aren’t stupid. Imagine all the characters from horror movies, all they did was scream (and yes I am picturing Drew Barrymore from Scream 1!!!) So when I saw how the family ran to seek help when they witnessed supernatural happenings in their home, I actually found myself laughing because that’s what I would most likely do as well (and I guess everybody else!)

The film also made well-loved (and family friendly) Christmas songs and church hymns unsettling, incorporating it into the movie. Even Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling In Love” was played in the film. And I never thought that an Elvis Presley song would be featured in a horror movie. Rarely do sequels outdo first films, but horror fanatics would not be disappointed in “The Conjuring 2.” Definitely worth the 181 Pesos for me.


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