How LDR Changed My Perception of Love

So if you know me in person, you’d know how I’m totally taking back everything I said about long distance relationships.

Opposite timezone, long Skype sessions and non-stop messaging. That’s not bad until it becomes a routine. You wake up earlier than usual just in time for him to go to bed or you stay up way too late to talk. You start to obsess over the fact he hadn’t gone online when he should have because you just can’t wait to tell him how you had a rough day at school. Or vice versa.

I used to think that LDR is one of the best kinds of relationships. I believed that as long as both parties stay committed to one another is enough (or the fact that one of you is far away means lesser chances of the both of you giving in to temptation!) Well, that’s not as close as I thought.
These are the top three things I never really took into consideration about LDR:



Sure, based on the very long conversation you had about this thing makes you automatically think that you both have chemistry. There’s more to it than having a similar opinion on a cult classic or having a shared interest in exploring the dark web. And you can’t actually tell if you have chemistry with someone over the small screen of our smartphones and laptops.


I’m not bitter, but let’s face the fact that relationships are way different when you decide to date online or actually go on physical dates first then pursuing long-distance. Sure you can’t wait until that day when you two will finally meet comes but what happens until then? All I’m saying is that you don’t know how that person behaves when he’s with his friends or family.


Okay, so maybe you both decided to be exclusive or official but that still doesn’t mean he or she couldn’t possibly cheat on you? That person could be texting you all the time but that doesn’t change the fact that he or she might be out on a date with someone else. This is the part where you’ll probably say “But I trust him or her!” I’m not saying that you don’t have trust or anything but you just cant be so sure with anything or anyone on the web these days. Have you seen the films Catfish or Trust? Then you’d understand what I’m talking about.
The thing about Long-distance is that you both are trying (or will try) so hard to stay connected to each other. It’s either you or that person who makes the extra effort of getting up early or staying up late just to try to talk to one another. Like I said earlier, it would eventually fall into a routine until someone wont be able to catch up.

The first few months of LDR is fine, you would probably think it would be kinda cute actually but statistics show that the average long-distance relationship would last for 4.5 months. And usually, it’s the younger people who still hold on to their belief of meeting their “forever” online.

Before, I really had high hopes for long-distance relationships. I believe that this where the strongest foundation of trust is being tested but I also learned that one day, you’d wake up and just lose interest. I don’t know, its really hard to explain. I guess I realized and asked myself why am I waiting and tied down to someone who’s half way around the world that I could talk to in the wee hours of the morning and cannot even physically hang-out with? Plus, I spending soooo much time on the computer can be really bad for the eyes.

So yeah, if you are in a long-distance relationship, I’m not discouranging you about your situation or whatever, I’m just stating my opinion about it. Also, if you’re someone who wants to be in a relationship so bad, just stop and breathe fresh air. Don’t rush things. Eventually we will all find someone if we just trust Him. His timing is always perfect.

(Photos from WeHeartIt)


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