My Summer Internship Experience

During our third year in the Communication department, we were required to undergo 200 hours of internship training. My internship isn’t paid (sucks!) and to be really honest, GMA wasn’t my first choice to have my internship – especially since I would be spending more than 2 months in Manila away from my family.

My first option was Summit Media. I sent my application in January but never responded. I partly blame my school for not trying hard enough to get specific requirements and contacts. GMA was actually my third choice and I’m happy that I had the opportunity to train their instead.

View from the 10th floor

During my internship, I had to share a place with 3 classmates, so that we could save more money. We actually waited 2 weeks before we began with our internship. The school was taking a long time to have our documents processed and our internship coordinator wasn’t doing a really good job at it as well but we managed to start our internship right away.

I was assigned to the network’s social media office and was a bit confident that my internship would be chill and pretty lax – I was so wrong! I underestimated the job title. The workload was overwhelming but nonetheless fun because we didn’t get treated like interns (I never had to make coffee!) – we were like the regular employees. We did what the rest of the Social Media team did, and we’d get reprimanded if we did something wrong.

With my bosses and co-interns after the election special coverage (photo not mine)

To my surprise, my bosses and superiors were friendly. They didn’t bark orders like some previous interns would say (although they belong to a different department.) I learned a lot from my bosses about the job they made me do and they also managed to sneak a couple of life hacks at times – AND saw and met some TV personalities.

Highlight of my internship experience: Working during the 2016 National and Presidential Elections.

I know working for one of the biggest TV networks would be hard especially that it was nearing the election period but I still decided to take that internship since I really wanted to try and live on my own for a while. The people in Manila are way different from Bacolod. Bacolodnons are more friendly and I guess the “Bacolod accent” just sounds friendlier. Anyway, I had two shifts during my internship: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm and 11:00 am – 8:00 pm. I like the first shift better since I get to go home earlier and since I’m not that familiar to the place, it’s a safer option to go home earlier.

During the election coverage I spent 14 hours in the office helping out with the social media work. I didn’t mind it because we were fed and it was first time for me to be involved with the national elections. I was actually doing something that’s part of history – not just serving food to the employees or something.

Yes, I did learn a ton of things throughout my internship experience. I learned a new skill, I discovered what I wanted to do, I discovered a whole lot more about myself. I’m still not sure if I’m ready for the real world after I graduate though.


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