My Senior Recollection

We had our first recollection at the basement of Balay Kalinungan; we also had our last one there.

Today, my AB Communication batch mates had out last recollection. It’s an annual thing we do at my school. Unlike my past three recollections, (one of which, I purposely made myself late and the other one, I didn’t finish because I had to go somewhere important) this one I had put in the most effort. I also cried a lot of tears today in front of everyone.

During our last MassComm Society Acquaintance Party.

This morning when I woke up, I wasn’t too excited about the day. I honestly preferred to go to my classes instead of having to listen to my batchmates. I couldn’t do much about it so I just had to toughen up and did my usual routine before going to school.

Arriving at Gate 9, I made sure to stop by the vending machine in the College of Engineering and Technology building and got my iced Milo. Thank God I saw Therese, I had someone to talk to. We were the earliest (well technically she is) among our batch and we ended up just sitting and waiting until it was almost 8:00.

Once one of the CELAM people told us that we were to go down the basement, I was a bit anxious. I had my first recollection there when I was a frosh and I had a great time and this would be my last with my batchmates and it was obvious that everything changed within the group. There were a lot of silent feuds between groups and classmates. New cliques, same cliques and the ones who doesn’t have a permanent group of friends. It was a bit awkward for some of us, and not for those who just don’t care.

When the recollection program started, I felt uneasy because I thought there would be an open-forum type of activity and knowing me, I hate confrontations!!! Especially in front of everyone else who aren’t involved. I believe that open forums would not solve problems but rather make it much messier.

During the opening oprayer, I was already in tears and was hesitant to participate. I was actually trying to think of plans to get out of participating from the activities. Anyways, I had to pretend to enjoy the activity until the group sharing which I had a hard time talking because I was being interrupted by my breakdowns.

After lunch it became much more interesting until we had to give out “peace” and “joy” cards to two different people. I was surprised that I received several peace cards and again, I was bawling. I guess whatever feud I had with them is now forgiven and forgotten.

I was so happy at the end of the day. I felt lighter for opening up to some of my new-found friends and for letting out a cry because I never really knew how much feelings I was suppressing until I started crying hard.

I learned lots of lessons that day – about moving on, celebrating my journey through college and about friendship. Indeed, this memory will be one for the books.

ABCO4 2016-2017. Photo credits to Evan Guino-o

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