Madrasah Adventure

You could watch my vlog here.

Today I went to Lopez Jaena Elementary School with Ira, Macoi, Jan Therese, Andrelene and Gab. I was happy and at the same felt really good for choosing to go (and give out juice boxes for the kids!).

So The Lead, the publication of my Uni’s AB Comm department has its annual several outreach programs to several schools. Around three to four days prior, Jessery had mentioned going to Lopez Jaena Elementary school and I asked if it was alright to tag along. Everything went smoothly and I ended up buying drinks for the kids. Just to save my friends from spending more (and a way to thank them for letting me come!) I was excited to go.

Arriving at the school, ┬áMemories of me running around during dismissal, pulling down my guy classmates’ shorts (sounds pervy, I know!), giving death glares every time I get caught by the catcher in a very intense game of patintero. There we met the people in yellow – Chinese-speaking students from Fu Jen Catholic University in Taiwan. I noticed from familiar faces and I somehow lost my ability to socialize. I was quiet but could notice the little details like how fast they talk or how the children gawk at them like they were famous.

After a photo op, which I think is an essential for any outreach activity, we all headed to an empty classroom and the Taiwanese Squad taught them basic Mandarin words like the translation for chicken, snake,and dog.

All in all, it was a good day and I would love to be exposed to more service-learning activities which makes me excited to take up Community Communication next semester.

Here are a few of the photos I took from the trip:

One of the kids during the trip.
Group photo with the kids.
Selfie game strong.
“Manang may picture gid ya?”
Dance steps to “Twinkle Little Star”
Teaching Mandarin to kids
Macoi, Joevel and the photographer from the Taiwanese team.
They’re doing actions for the animals.
Wandering through the elementary school. Photo by Jan Therese.

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