The OG Squad

8 years of friendship with these people.

To my OG crew: I’m glad we all managed to spare a few hours so we could have lunch together today.

During our  senior year “recital”

Today I was glad to see my high school group. Although we haven’t all been together for the past 4 years, it was really nostalgic seeing them. They’re the type of people who I could not see nor speak regularly for years but when the time arrives for us to finally meet again, it would feel like we were never separated. 14017872_1371204149560968_1966331211_n

Kaye: My inseparable group mate in high school. Everyone teases her “laon” (old maid) for various reasons and she once threw water on my classmate’s face because she got too pissed.

Nice: My go-to girl for anything from love to life. Blocks people from Facebook if they piss her off.

Hernan: Nice’s love interest. Has also showed an interest in studying

Mark:  That one guy I tell all my pervert remarks to. Doesn’t mind if I hook up or not – he probably did it first anyway.

At Buffalo’s for lunch.

I chose to take up Creative Writing as my discipline or specializationin High School since I was in the Special Program in the Arts. Hernan and I were the last ones to enter the specialization since we both came from the second section of the regular class while Nice, Kaye and Mark were from the first section. We became fast friends and all complained while we were copying Ma’am Batisla-on’s “Panitikan ng Pilipinas” (Philippine Literature) book.

Summer 2015

Four years later, we were able to meet each other (completely this time!) and had lunch together. Nice and Kaye are graduating this year while Hernan, Mark and I are staying back an extra year. Hernan and Mark are both student assistants while I had decided to take Liberal Arts and Commerce. For the hour we were able to spend with each other’s
company, we talked and talked about basically anything from pregnant batchmates and high school memories to post-college plans. It was comforting to be with them again. I felt like I was back in high school, stress-free, chill, and innocent and not the complete opposite.


I realized that in seven months, everything will be changing. Two of them would be looking for jobs while the three of us will be holding on to our last year. In five years’ time, we would all be professionals by then. I don’t know who will be paying our bill for our future lunch or dinner but I know that these guys are definitely for keeps.


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