The Butterfly Effect – An advocacy project for MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS

This advocacy is the last hurrah to my AB Comm life – might as well make it count.


At the age of 18, while my classmates were too excited for Film Production and Visual Design, I was already thinking of what would I make for my Senior’s Project. I know, I sounded so eager considering I still have 2 years before I actually have to do my Senior’s Project, but at the back of my mind, I was constantly in search for my personal advocacy. I don’t want to make a project, exert a ton of effort into it just for the sake of passing. As cheesy as it sounds, I wanted to make a difference.

Along the way, I had stumbled upon a road that made me discover my passion for mental health awareness. I honestly didn’t know when I really realized it but I think it was a post-breakdown thought that made me tell myself that I don’t want people to go keep all their emotions to themselves because of the judgement people would throw at them. During junior year, it got really patchy and I think that’s what fully led me to be an advocate for mental health awareness.

Although I’m not professionally diagnosed, I don’t have to have a mental illness to be an advocate.

During the start of the second semester, I was excited for Senior’s Project. I’d like to think I’m prepared and I’m enthusiastic about it. I know what my personal advocacy is and I know that it means the world to me. I only had to think about the possible events I would be doing or how it would be different from the others who might have chosen to have the same advocacy as me.

As much as I try, I’m not and I will not be considered as an artist, I do not have the great drawing skills that would have people pay for an artwork, I can’t write beautifully that would be good enough to have a feature article assignment, I don’t have the Photoshop skills that could make me earn money by doing freelance work. And currently, I do not own a camera lens and have misplaced my camera charger so my camera is useless and I can’t shoot my video campaigns. I know and have accepted that I am an ordinary person with ordinary skills. And as much as possible I want to be independent with this project and do not leech off of my extremely talented friends but I need as much help as I can because I want this project to be remembered.


Basically this is the reason why I had the butterfly effect as my project name and incorporated a semi-colon for my logo.  Also, it’s catchy and yes it sounds like a movie.

My project basically is mental health awareness and using art therapy for mental health recovery. I want to incorporate my hand-lettering hobby into it, and hopefully have a mural painting for at least one of the schools I’ll be conducting a sensitivity talk.

As part of the requirement, we are to come up with a tri-media campaign and incorporate all the skills that we learned during our four-year journey as an AB Communication major.

I’ve currently come up with posters for my social media, two 30-seconder ads and one visual poetry – they’re currently unlisted on Youtube thought but you may check out my Facebook page here and my Youtube channel here.

I’m currently accepting solicitations, if you’re kind enough to help, that would be awesome! Feel free to email me through my advocacy’s Facebook page.

dont-waitfb1poster-2poster 5.jpg


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