The Weekend Before Christmas Break

On nights where I don’t usually fell asleep watching a 2000-something romantic comedy or trying to finish an assignment which was due the first thing next morning, I, on very rare cases, are with my peers, having drinks or probably abusing the dessert table at an art exhibit opening.

I’m usually that one friend who’d be the one to miss out on nights out because my parents would want me to stay home and rest because it’s safe. I could remember years back when I would make up excuses just to spend a night at a friend’s house – although I’m probably sure all of us went through this phase.

The funny thing is, when I turned 20, my parents had somehow decided to hold me hostage at home now more than ever. On some Saturdays, where I’d usually go to Uni and stay at my school pub’s office, I would not be given permission to leave the house. Unless I have a meeting or seminar to attend to or a school function that I was assigned to cover, that’s when I could only leave the house. The past week, was mostly finals week for some Unis but it was our prelim exams. Most of my batch mates had one exam and I had five, and I was exam-free by Thursday.


Thursday morning, I went to La Salle earlier, my mom only asking me what was I going to do, unlike 18-year old me, I told her the truth that I was going to finish my thesis for my Marketing course and that I had to wait for revisions. The whole day, I was doing and waiting for revisions from my groupmates for our thesis. Then I had watched an episode of Fresh Off The Boat, ate chicken wings for lunch and had snuck out for a cigarette because our thesis adviser hadn’t signed our paper yet.

Later that afternoon, I was with the power couple, Hezron and Starlene and we took the same jeepney to SM and made our separate ways there. I was supposed to get a gift for my manita, Karen but the lines are ridiculously long but I did end up purchasing clothes. Also, I was trying to get Karen a graphic pen but I couldn’t find any at SM.

I told my mom I would be attending an art exhibit opening on Friday night and she somehow agreed to let me go.


Again, I arrived at the office around 9:05 because my groupmates and I were supposed to practice for our dance number for our Christmas Party the following day. Practice was supposed to be at 10:00 am but in the spirit of true Filipino time, most of our group had arrived by 11:00. We did somehow manage to practice but we ended up having lunch at Nene’s and then toyed around with our “remix” then just practiced until we all sweated and decided we should just have fun with it.

That night, I finished watching Friends with Benefits, a new episode of Modern Family until it was time to leave for the exhibit. Daphne’s friend was kind enough to give us a lift to the venue. We went up, and looked around. For some reason there weren’t a lot of people there yet than the previous exhibits we’ve been to. Another thing I noticed was the mini food bar and I was completely drawn to the chocolate mousses which I had around 4-5 of while my friends took the chance to abuse the sushi bar.

I think was called Bacolod Bathers
Now an Angel and Butterfly

Right after the exhibit we somehow managed to reach Gorka after the very Manila-ishimg_4833 traffic along Mandalagan. It was 9:00 pm and my mom hadn’t texted me yet – which was really weird. She’d usually call me by 8:57 asking me to go home but that night, she texted me around 10:00 pm already.

Like the usual, I asked to be picked up from Mini-Stop so I had around 15 minutes to indulge their strawberry cheesecake soft serve. Upon arriving home, my mom just asked me how was the exhibit, no interrogation, no follow ups.

At this point, I kept replaying the video we prepared for our group intermission number. I was THAT excited.


It was the day of the party and I still haven’t bought Karen gifts for our secret santa. Not wanting to wait for 10:00 am to go to SM and get her graphic pens, I just walked to the nearest grocery store and got her a spaghetti pack, macaroni salad pack and a bag of chips. I asked Karen, subtly of course, what she wanted aside from graphic pens and she said she’d want a Christmas meal pack so I got her those, which is a very smart and practical move on her part.

Anyways, after wrapping her presents, and burning pasta, I got ready a lot earlier because I had to do errands with my aunt and sisters before the Christmas party which meant, I had to put on prosthetics beforehand since I don’t wanna go through the hassle of putting on glue all over my face at the venue.

I tried to create a joker-type rip on the left side of my lip up to my cheeks. It worked well but I had to wear a surgical mask the whole time we went to Ayala so people think I’m not some weirdo with a Halloween costume or something. By 5:40, I said goodbye to my aunt and headed to the venue, Mely’s Garden.

Arriving at the function hall, nobody was there, the place was just being set up so I took a walk to the nearest 7/Eleven and bought myself a pack of Blasts. I saw Hezron on the way, and I somehow convinced him to go with me. As usual, we started late but it wasn’t drastically late. Fast forward to the secret santa, I found out my secret santa is Maggie and she got me a pretty journal.img_4858

After the party, it was around 11:00 pm so half of the group went to McDonald’s to eat David’s birthday cake while the rest of us stopped by Lagoon and started to pass around Iris’ bottle of Gin. We had later received a phone call from Karen saying we haven’t paid the venue yet. After rushing back with RJ and Jerge, we went to our first stop of the night, Art District.

We saw the Garaje was open so we chose to have drinks there instead the usual Mooon, which was just beside Garaje. We waited for Charlene Lim, Lex, Nichol and Emmie and after a couple of drinks, we went to Gorka.

Gorka was in full swing the time we arrived there. I saw a few classmates which I wasn’t too thrilled about We went in and danced – and I mean RED CUPS AND SWEATY BODIES EVERYWHERE HANDS IN THE AIR LIKE YOU DON’T CARE dance. We finally got a table as well so we were able to leave our stuff with Lex, who was already tired and didn’t want to dance. After accidentally grinding on to random crotches and being felt up twice, we went out for fresh air. RJ started to complain about his knees feeling sore but not wanting to go home just yet, we opted to go to Ramos for a few more drinks.

Taking a jeepney, Ramos was closed so we said we’ll just wait until we decided for another place to go to. We got off at Alisbo and being 3:00 in the morning, we know there weren’t many jeeps anymore but we waited for 5 minutes then decided to take a tricycle to Market Place.

To our luck, The Market Pub was open at 3:45 in the morning and the second level of the pub was empty so we stayed there and danced to whatever the DJ played. One by one, everyone started to pass out except of me, RJ, Martini, Aldrin, Chad and Iris.

We had a few more sticks and just danced. Also, I didn’t feel sleepy because of the iced coffee I got there.img_4869

It was a quarter to 5 when we decided to call it a night. I actually wanted to stay until the sun rose but everyone looked so tired. We arrived at Iris’ by 5:30 and “rested”

I arrived home around 10-ish and noticed my family wasn’t home. Also my mum hadn’t texted me or called me which was weird. I think she knew what I was up to but I’m not too sure if I should be happy or nervous about it.



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