December Favorites

Everybody seems to love the 12th month of the year. Personally, aside from the start of a new school year, the month of December is when I usually spend the most money and never regret it until early January.

Our Own Candle Company
Robinson’s Bacolod
Php 129.00

This candle has been my favorite for IMG_4877.JPGthree months now and it doesn’t get any more Christmas-y than this scent. The burning time lasts for about
30 hours but I’ve used mine for more – I’m sure of it.
The mini version is perfect for a stocking filler or secret santa present. I wish Bacolod had more sweet-smelling candles like these. I am so obsessed with this scent though! It makes me want to bake caramel tarts and eat salted caramel ice cream and have a romcom/chick flick movie marathon.




SM Store
North Wing, SM City Bacolod
Php 59.00

IMG_4876.JPGFrom last year’s hipster-anti-christmas-wrapping-paper aesthetic, I’ve been obsessed with minimalistic wrapping paper! This wrapping paper was supposedly my 2nd choice because I’ve been dying to use the plain gold or silver wrapping paper. Since those were sold out, these were just as good and cute at the same time. What I don’t like about this is that the paper quality is thin and easily tears but I like how a roll of this can wrap about 10 medium-sized gifts. Plus, it’s neutral so if you’re the type who uses “gender appropriate” gift paper, then this will save you time and effort.


There’s also a green one and I’ve used this to wrap my manita’s presents from my school pub’s Christmas party.

Php 66.00

You can never have too much sweets over the holidaysIMG_4883.JPG. While doing early Christmas meal grocery shopping, I saw my mom stop over the chocolates section and grabbed a few packs of the Hershey’s drops. After paying for them, I immediately opened the bag and indulged the chocolate I loved since I was a kid. For more or less 60 pesos, it has a good amount of chocolate pieces and it’s a perfect stocking filler. Also, a good treat for the new year if you are a passionate advocate for everything round during the new years meal.



Nutty Caramel Popcorn
SM City Bacolod, North Wing
Php 18.00


Paired with a good holiday film (*coughs* LOVE ACTUALLY *coughs*), the Goldilock’s nutty caramel popcorn is the perfect movie (or re-watching Stranger Things) snack. There’s nothing better than a popcorn filled with nuts and coated with caramel. Also, this reminds of the caramel pecan candle. Again, this is yet another great stocking stuffer (aside from all the chocolates and candy)

Your Top Songs 2016 Playlist

What’s a better way to reminisce the year by listening to your most played songs! Apprently, Frank Ocean’s Thinkin Bout You is my most played track of 2016 – and I won’t deny the fact that I might have played this song at least a week every month everytime I take a shower.




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