2016 – A Bittersweet Symphony

This is a response to a summary post I wrote back a year ago when 2015 was ending.

This year a mix of both good and bad. I ended 2015 on a wrong note and it had affected the start of my 2016. Nevertheless, I have a lot to be thankful for. I somehow discovered more about myself and my interests.


As a start, 2016 was the year I realized who my friends are. I cut ties with toxic people who I thought had put me through hell in 2015. I left out the two-faced, backstabbing, selfish and unprofessional ‘friends’ I had. Despite that, I did learn a couple of things from them. I kept my personal group of friends small and I’d never have it any other way. I grew close with some friends I met in 2015 and I’m glad I could be their ‘guiding light’ through college.

surprisingly, I have lessened my social media consumption this year that it came to a point where I had deactivated two of most used social media apps. That decision was quite spontaneous and I didn’t regret it at all. For a 24-hour Facebook ban I was on, it felt like a huge weight has been lifted off my back. I was able to think and concentrate on school, and was able to forget about all the negativity and toxicity online.

Another thing that happened to me was I was able to swallow my pride which is a really big thing for me. I never was the one to admit mistakes but early this year I was able to and I faced the punishment that came along with it. I remember crying for two whole weeks while I was still doing my internship because I felt that I hit my all time low. Remembering the night I received that heart-breaking news, I felt so shitty that I wanted to leave but I ended up staying and learning to be a good sport. I know the judgement I was getting and a lot of friends told me to leave but there was something holding me back. Maybe this year I’ll be able to discover that.

2016 was also been one of the most stressful years I have had, academically. I have been piling myself with a lot of classes because I’ve almost through with college. It feels so close yet so soooo far. Still struggling for this school year to end, I know it will be worth  it. Despite of exhausting academic work, I was able to do projects outside of school which was fun and exciting.

last year, I also had tasted what it’s like to live independently. I was away from my family and I did consider that as one of the highlights of my year. Read post about my experience here. Being away from my family made me become a family person this year. I showed a lot more effort when it comes to family matters. I did enjoy it very much and I’m looking forward to a lot more getaways with them this year.


It has been both a curse and a blessing passing through 2016, I’m claiming 2017 to be one hell of ride and I will be cruising by it, in the passenger seat.

Read: 2015: A Summary


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