Moving forward!!!

Since most of the interweb became sentimental as the year comes to an end, I, on the other hand, was busy taking shots or chugging a couple bottles of brew and other mixed alcohol (obviously trying to mask my vulnerability to nostalgia.) Advertisements


For my Retail Management class requirement, we went on an “educational” trip to Singapore and Malaysia during our semestral break. I expected to actually learn a lot of retail principles and theories, but instead, I delved into retail therapy and the history and culture of Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. For a trip, I paid more…

My girls

Recently, one of my best friends, Nice started to join the workforce and coincidentally became colleagues with my mom. It was just a random night when Nice asked if we could meet up for dinner to which led to an awesome night out which was her treat of course.

Statement t-shirts became a trend in the late 2000s and now they are back and slowly penetrating the local scene today.

/ˈTHēsis/ update!!!

commonly defined as a long essay or dissertation involving personal research, written by a candidate for a college degree.



Sunday Session

This marks the third Sunday straight that I’ve spent with Martini and Iris.  It became a recent habit for us to be with each other every single day. We’re that clingy. YES. P.S. PHOTOS WERE TAKEN WITH MY PHONE (NOT THE BEST QUALITY!!!) PLEASE JUDGE ACCORDINGLY.    

Realizations after the floodwaters hit my city

September 22, 2017 I was looking forward to buying a pack of spicy peanuts from a stand outside the campus gates. It was a very lazy day for me. I literally had no classes for today for various reasons. By 5:30 pm, the rain began to pour. Feeling a little disappointed, I ended up buying a…

From a 5th year Uni student to you

Hi. I’m almost done with the first semester for my last year in college. Yes, I’m in my fifth year, and no I’m not an engineering major or a repeater. I’m taking up this double-degree program where I get to take up two different degrees at the same time. Yes, I’m gonna get two diplomas…

My last team building with The Spectrum!

Maybe most of you know that I’m part of my University’s school paper. For the past five school years, I have been a member of The Spectrum. June 2019 would be my sixth year but I have to graduate at some point, right? It was the last week of August when the publication had their…

Here’s to t w e n t y – o n e, 93 days later.

The last post I wrote related to ‘aging’ was when I just had turned 20. I was meant to write during my birth month but somehow I didn’t find the time to do so. Since it’s day four of my 5-day break from Uni, and I’m sort of inspired to write, here I am, writing…