Here’s to t w e n t y – o n e, 93 days later.

The last post I wrote related to ‘aging’ was when I just had turned 20. I was meant to write during my birth month but somehow I didn’t find the time to do so. Since it’s day four of my 5-day break from Uni, and I’m sort of inspired to write, here I am, writing…

Having the grit to face life

I’ve been wanting to write for a while but I haven’t made the time to do so. In my Tax 1 class, my professor shared her first-born’s whereabouts in life. She’s not the usual professor who would just come inside the room open a textbook and teach; most of the time she’s motivating us to…

The Perfect Man

Recently I found myself back to my old boy-crazed self and for the past few weeks, BOYS are all I ever talk and think about (This is not related to Charlie XCX’s new song ‘BOYS’!!!!) But it got me thinking about my idea of a ‘Perfect Man’ – this was after I re-watched one of…

Prompt:Why I started a blog

    I was writing down song lyrics on my notebook when I stopped because I didn’t know how to spell “enough.” I remember the spelling bee I was in during first grade where I misspelled the words “jewelry” and “women.” Looking back at it now, I guess that was the Universe telling me that…

Dear Diary: A Spoken word Poetry

In lieu of my Mental Health Awareness Campaign, The Butterfly Effect, I was invited by a friend, campaigning for the same thing, for her spoken word event tomorrow, February 12th. Unprepared I made a last-minute piece that aims to make people aware how people who don’t show physical signs of mental illness aren’t always alright….

The Year I Finally Fulfill My Resolutions

This year will be my year. I’ve dealt with enough shit the past year, and like Michelle Pfeiffer’s character in the 2011 holiday film, New Year’s Eve, Ingrid Withers (yes, the one Zac Efron kissed!) She was able to fulfill her resolutions, but hopefully I won’t be ticking them off hours before 2017 ends.


It’s been one of those nights again where over thinking somehow makes me move my ass up and start typing away. I’ve always been using writing as some form of therapy – I can lash out, or try to attempt to write a good review on the latest movie I’ve seen. Although I have to…

December Favorites

Everybody seems to love the 12th month of the year. Personally, aside from the start of a new school year, the month of December is when I usually spend the most money and never regret it until early January.

The Weekend Before Christmas Break

On nights where I don’t usually fell asleep watching a 2000-something romantic comedy or trying to finish an assignment which was due the first thing next morning, I, on very rare cases, are with my peers, having drinks or probably abusing the dessert table at an art exhibit opening.