It’s been one of those nights again where over thinking somehow makes me move my ass up and start typing away. I’ve always been using writing as some form of therapy – I can lash out, or try to attempt to write a good review on the latest movie I’ve seen. Although I have to…

December Favorites

Everybody seems to love the 12th month of the year. Personally, aside from the start of a new school year, the month of December is when I usually spend the most money and never regret it until early January.

The Weekend Before Christmas Break

On nights where I don’t usually fell asleep watching a 2000-something romantic comedy or trying to finish an assignment which was due the first thing next morning, I, on very rare cases, are with my peers, having drinks or probably abusing the dessert table at an art exhibit opening.

Confessions of a Liacom student

When most of my elders ask me what I’m majoring in college, I’d say “Liacom” then there’s that puzzling and skeptic look on their faces just judging you so hard and intently.

The OG Squad

8 years of friendship with these people. To my OG crew: I’m glad we all managed to spare a few hours so we could have lunch together today.

Movie Review: The Shallows

Director: Jaume Collet-Serra Rating: 1 star A version of this review has been published in the July issue of The Spectrum Newspaper of USLS Warning: This movie review may contain spoilers!

My Summer Internship Experience

During our third year in the Communication department, we were required to undergo 200 hours of internship training. My internship isn’t paid (sucks!) and to be really honest, GMA wasn’t my first choice to have my internship – especially since I would be spending more than 2 months in Manila away from my family.

Movie Review: Finding Dory

Director:  Andrew Stanton, co-directed by Angus MacLane Rating: 5 Stars (Warning: Might have spoilers!)